More About Horse 4-H - Dixie 4-H

    More About Horse 4-H - Dixie 4-H

    4-H Horse members, parents, and leaders

    We are excited about this up coming year and all that we have planed. Our horse program is a year round program that incorporates on the horse and off the horse education. 4-H is all bout raising kids, not horses. The horse project allows us to teach youth a great deal about responsibility, animal care, team work, training and teaching skills, nutrition, communication and so much more!

    In our 4-H Horse Program we encourage participation in a wide range of events. Along with our shows(which are covered below) we hold Public Speaking Demonstrations, Portfolios (record books), Horse Bowl (quiz game), family trail-rides, service projects, and fun games.

    4-H is a volunteer organization and parental help is both needed and expected. There is something to do for every ability level. Please let us know how you would like to help.

    To get better acquainted with the Washington County 4-H Program, please view the 2016 WC Horse Guide HERE. If you have any questions or concerns at all, please call the Extension office at 435-634-5706.

    Working Ranch Horse Program

    I have been asked what skills do you have to have to be involved in this program. The answer is basic horse riding skills. All the events they will learn in this program can and will be taught in practices and Gatherings. Each of the “Gatherings” involve friendly competition and a relaxed training/learning event. This program is structured with units the youth pass off by demonstrating competence in skill and knowledge. The main categories include:

    • Riding Skills
    • Safety
    • Basic Handling/Restraint
    • Horse and Livestock Identification
    • Ranch Working Equipment
    • Roping
    • Youth/Horse working skills
    • Leadership & Communication Skills

    This is a great program where youth and adults can come together, hang out, and teaching each other, while working to improve your own skills.

    For and Working Ranch Horse program rules & Project Levels

    For more information, please look at our 4-H Horse Guide.