Volunteer - Dixie 4H

    Volunteer - Dixie 4H

    Becoming a 4-H club leader is an immensely rewarding volunteer experience. Youth need caring, supportive adults in their life. You can truly make a very positive difference in the lives of your club members.

    There are many ways for you to get involved. For more information on the many ways you can serve (types of leaders).

    To become a 4-H club leader, you need to complete the following steps.

    • 1. Read the Volunteer Application Packet and complete a 4-H Volunteer Application. You can also get an application from the Extension Office:

      44 N 100 E
      St. George UT 84770
      435-634-5706 ext 22, Information Desk

    • 2. Return your completed application to the Extension Office.
    • 3. Your application will be reviewed and a background screening completed.
    • 4. Attend 4-H New Club Leaders Training. This is a mandatory, two-1 hour training that must be completed before you will become an official 4-H club leader. There is also an on line training option for those with busy schedules and learn well from a computer environment.
    • 5. Upon successful completion of the background screening process and completion of 4-H Club Leader Orientation,you are an official 4-H club leader. You can begin your volunteer service. Welcome to the 4-H family!

    Although 4-H Club Leader Orientation is the only mandatory training required, it merely provides the basics of being a 4-H club leader. All leaders are strongly encouraged to complete 4-H Core Training during their first year as a club leader.

    "The members who excel the most in 4-H

    are members of clubs with well-trained clubs leaders."